Turn your existing PC’s into Thin Clients for free


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Make a folder C:\Program Files\SuperThinClient and put the SuperThinClient.exe into that folder, give users EDIT ACL Access to folder.

On first launch SuperThinClient will

·         Create registry keys in HKCU\Software\SuperThinClient which you can export out and use to deploy automatically.

·         Create 4 .RDP files in C:\Program Files\SuperThinClient which you can edit in the settings page (or directly.)



SuperThinClient can be customised by dropping the following pictures in C:\Program Files\SuperThinClient

·         logo.jpg – logo for top of the interface, for example you could put your company logo and your helpdesk number etc.

·         button1.jpg through to button4.jpg  [75x75 pixels] – These are all used to override the Remote Desktop/Executable icons


Backing Up Settings

All of SuperThinClient’s settings are stored under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SuperThinClient you can export/import them to other machines.

We also store the SuperThinClient version in the registry settings, so we can upgrade your settings if required.



You can simply install SuperThinClient on a PC and it will work straight away, but we recommend if the PC has a lot of programs, popups or problems or you are installing SuperThinClient to many machines then it’s best to install a clean copy of Windows, and/or make an image to deploy to a many machines.

SuperThinClient is happy being deployed in a deployment Image such as ShadowProtect, Acronis, Ghost etc.

Note: Since the user cannot access the desktop, explorer.exe isn’t running, and if you unbind File and Print from the network card, so nothing on the PC is listening on the PC  this makes the PC is pretty much immune to any viruses, and doesn’t have to be patched/managed like a normal fat PC.


Internet Access & Phoning Home

SuperThinClient will try to phone home once on each new PC, to report back screen sizes, and various things like that to help us make SuperThinClient better. We use a website called statcounter.com for this.

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